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How to solve random lockup/freezes, mouse, cursor freezes etc


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I was really getting stressed out the last few days with freezes. At 1st I though it was kalyway so I installed iatkos instead. The lockups/cursor freezes didn't happen for a while. Then all of a sudden it started. I was so fed up I decided to sort out some money for a second hand G5 Dual 2.0Ghz (only need it for my software logic studio 8 so a power pc G5 will do). Anyway shortly after I confirmed I was getting the mac I reset from the last freeze on iatkos and said since I was going to use the osx86 anymore I could disable all the options in bios I originally had disabled e.g. disable execute bit, that thermal cpu throttle thing and all the other things the guides on here told me to enable..... e.g. hpet and a few othet things. I kept my overclock fsb settings.. well all my over clock settings. Anyway I booted into mac told spot light not to index any of my harddrives just to save some cpu.


I then opened logic expecting it to freeze 1 last time just for fun.. but it didn't freeze.. safari loaded up properly.. I decided to overload my cpu by loading up multiple tracks on logic and packing up each channel with atleast 5-6 dynamic processors until my cpu was at 100% load (LEFT TRACK ON REPEAT)... I also open itunes and put an album on repeat. Still no freeze. I left it running over night and woke up this morning. Still no freeze.. went out for a few hours came back still no freeze.. Although I am still getting my G5 I am glad that I have finally got a stable osx86 setup running on a striker extreme. Just want people with freeze problems to try disabling the bios features I disabled. See what happens and post in this topic.


It's good for me because I will be able to run my real G5 and then this osx86 setup with logic node, so all this hardwork would have not gone to waste.

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