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Kalyway 10.5.2 and Asus M2A-MVP Mostly Working


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I have a IDE DVD drive, and I installed to an IDE HD. The 186 GB drive (labeled 200 by WD), showed up as 128GB, which means it was using generic drivers.


The install was dog slow, taking about 3 hours or so.


It did detect my onboard SATA the first time, but...


* Disconnect any non-install drives during install * - I am not 100% positive the installer did this, but my Ubuntu software RAID 5 was totally screwed after I ran the installer the fist time - I installed to the IDE disk, and let it go. I came back later, to a spinning cursor at the boot up screen...Said I'd reboot to Ubuntu to do research...and it was all screwed up. I recovered most of it, but my superblocks of my RAID partitions were toast, and the file systems were not happy either...


So running from IDE it's not exactly the most stellar performance in the world.


Only options in installer were AMD Patch 1. Did not choose legacy boot parameter, but I'm not sure if it's actually running 64 Bit.


CPU: AMD Athlon 64X2 3800+

Board: Asus M2A-MVP

Video: ATI X1050 with 256MB - not accelerated at the moment.



DVD: Pioneer DVD-RW

Sound: Not working


I've seen posts about the ATI X1000+ series working on 10.4, but do the same instructions apply to 10.5?


Not sure about the audio....Would a lspci from Linux help?





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Installation from DVD on IDE channel (Primary Master) to SATA Disk 1 (10K RPM WD Raptor), went significantly better.


Installation took about 48 minutes.


Audio is working, I must not have picked the right one (Azalia, not Apple, ATI is correct one).


I picked Radeon X1000 drivers, I have a X1050, not working quite right...I had to move it using the "/movevideodrivers" script.


It shows up as a X550, software Core Image, no Quartz Extreme.


Any ideas on that? I'm fairly happy with this now. :-)


If I get this going the way I want / need, I will be purchasing a copy of Leopard. It would be nice if I could have just done that, and not gone through the trouble that we do...



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