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[solved]Sigmatel CXD9872AKD


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hey all,


im still trying to get some sound out of my sigmatel 9872. tried several hdapatcher from taruga, but there is no success at all. :)

it always stops with the error: Unsupported Codec detected.


i also tried the AzaliaAudio-Driver, but it doesnt work too.



is the anything else i can try???

i saw that some guys have that card running...but they arent active in this forum anymore ;)

as i could read, they did with the hdapatcher...


btw. does somebody know, whats wrong with tarugas wiki?


thanks for your help.










edit: got it! with hdapatcher_v1.16 and i codec dump i just created with an ubuntu live-cd. im so happy!!! ;)

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