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Trouble with eGeForce 7600 GT & NVinject


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Hi all :)


I've been playing with the iATKOS distro of 10.5.4, and also the Kalyway 10.5.1

It's weird, 10.5.1 has perfectly, so far, working video inc, DVD and 3D support, but there's no sound and I can't resize the partition. Mostly, these are just minor nuisances, and I was able to fix the sound issue, but I can't quite figure out the disk partition thing without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.


10.5.4 however, works perfectly out of the gate, EXCEPT, for video. I can switch through the various

resolutions, but that's really it. I can't watch DVDs (A Valid Device Could Not Be Found For Playback [-70017]), and I can't play warcrack. WoW will start to load, then it just kind of barfs and dies. Frontrow doesn't work either. I CAN watch video through iTunes and QuickTime, but Magnetosphere doesn't work under iTunes8.0 with this distro, but it DOES work under 10.5.1. ;)


I tried updating the NVinject.kext, ver. 0.2.1 on the distro and that's what I used as a replacement, but that didn't solve the problem.

Other than trying to step down through earlier versions of NVinject, all I can think of is there is a .kext file present in the 10.5.1 distro that isn't present in the 10.5.4 distro.

Would it be possible to simply grab ALL the kext files in the Extensions directory under 10.5.1 and paste them into 10.5.4? I know I'll have to fix all the permissions and such if I do that.

I'm not sure which .kext files relate to video and which ones don't so I figure I'll move them all. I'm sure that will, possibly, break a bunch of stuff though.


Anyway, anyone have a better, safer, idea for me to try?


Thanks ;)

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