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LAN missing router detection. pictures =D


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I've got a netgear WPN824v2 router. I'm running Kaly's version 10.5.2. if i plug directly into the modem, i pick up and ip quick and efficiently. same goes for plugging the modem to a switch then to the pc. but as for linking the modem to my router it doesnt detect the mac. yet it still connects. this causes issues for effciency. i have to spend about 10 miniutes each time i put the computer to sleep reconnecting it to the internet. I'm running all of this on an HP dv9260us laptop. Prior to the installation of Kalys 10.5.2 i was running Kalys 10.5.1 and everything worked fine. Anyone got any ideas?




As you can see i have a connection but it doesnt detect the ethernet connection. so.... it takes clicking assist me and all that jazz to get it up.


Intel Card: 82573L

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