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No mouse (or keyboard?) functionality after closing laptop lid - help?


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I'm running iDeneb 10.5.4 on an ASUS eee PC 901, installed on the 15 GB HD. It seems to be working pretty well. Except I got frustrated with the wifi (my router, not the comp I think) and closed the lid of the laptop. When I opened it later, I found I was unable to do anything. I can't see a mouse, clicking and moving finger around on the trackpad do nothing. Screen display is normal, showing apps that were open as I left them when I closed the lid.


Trying to force quit as a test of keyboard functionality ( control + alt + esc to mimic mac's command + option + escape) has no effect, so I'm thinking keyboard is also unresponsive.


I don't THINK the comp is asleep since why would I see my screen normally (I also tried pressing the power button a couple times in case it was asleep, no effect)? I guess it could be frozen, but why? Does closing the laptop normally do this? This is the second time I have closed the lid and when I open it mouse/keyboard don't work. I had to restart last time after forcibly shutting down. Seeing as booting takes so long this is a huge hassle!



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