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Hey folks,


Ive got a Medion MT 489G desktop. I've managed to get Kalyway 10.5.2 installed and all necessary updates to get it to 10.5.5.


Ive thrown out the Creative X-Fi since it doesnt work, and resigned myself to the onboard ALC888 audio.


OSX86Tools - Found and downloaded the ALC888 audio .. worked great.


Then installed : 9f23installer for the Nvidia 8500GT to work, and working great ... however sound has stopped working.


The device has an onboard Intel 82566DC-2 card ... which googling this site reveals is not supported. Can anyone recommend an off the shelf NIC from the likes of pcworld.co.uk that I can go and grab that works oob ?


Lastly if I manage to get the nic and sound working, then I'll be really chuffed. But Ive noticed that neither of the DVD or DVD-RW drives are working on the machine. They are both IDE connected. Any ideas?



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