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Trouble installing in VMWare...


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Alright, I have the JaS 10.4.8 image, and I've been trying to install it on a physical HD, so I can boot OSX on my real computer. :)


Here are my hardware specs...

Basicaly a improved eMachines W2646

Intel Celeron @ 2.6GHz (SSE2, but some PSX emu said SSE3 for some reason)

768 MB of RAM

2 40GB ATA drives to work with

No DVD drive, this is why I'm fooling with VMWare. :wacko:


I've used DEAMON Tools, and Alcohol 120%..


I get this when starting it up -

Your virtual machine has sent an ATAPI (CD-ROM) command that is supported only when programming the drive via DMA. You will need to configure your guest operating system to use DMA when communicating with DVD/CD-ROM devices.

Note that some operating systems will report DMA is available without actually using it. In those cases, normal CD-ROM operations will still be available, but special features will only be available if you reconfigure the virtual device as a SCSI device.


When I booted JaS up in VMWare for the first time, it went very slow, but did make it to the install screen. It said it had a Java Script error and I clikced restart.

But everytime I boot it now (Still goes uterly slow, its not lag.. Its slowness, lag is deferent), I get this -




Whats going on?

I have all weekend to work on it, so please help. Its a cold, rainy gloomy day here. :hysterical:

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