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kernel panic on 1st reboot


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Hey. I have tried to install os x on an AMD Turion x2 prosessor with ideneb, kalyway and leo4all v3. They all install but when it comes to the reboot I get a kernel panic or it freeze if it is in -v mode.

I boot the DVD and format my harddisk to HFS+ journaled and choose a amd kernel, amd patch, drivers to the grafics, wifi, lan and so os. I can boot in singeluser mode -s but not normaly.

Check the photo. It freeze here if it's in -v mode.

My specs:

1.6 ghz Amd TURION x2 (SSE3)

1024 mb ram

120 gb Sata harddisk

geforce 6150


I know that os x can run on this type of computer but what do I do wrong?

Please help


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