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Graphic problem - Blank menus inside OS


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I recently installed Kalyway 10.5.2, selected correct patches and stuff. Everything currently is working fine ( I dunno about the graphics card yet, I'm kinda new to OS X and installed only too see what it looks like :P ), but there's one thing that currently is being very annoying.


All dropdown menus appear blank. For example, the Apple logo in the left upper corner that triggers the dropdown menu with Restart, Shutdown, etc appears 100% white, so I can't see any of the options. But if I press escape, trigger an option or just leave the menu all the options appear as the menu fades away.


Does anyone know or have a clue of what's causing this problem?


Edit : Nevermind, I just installed the 10.5.3 combo update and it just fixed itself. Go figure...


BTW, my laptop is a Clevo M761SU,

Intel Core 2 Duo T8300

I'm not sure what's the Mobo model, but it uses a SiS 67X

4GB DDR 667

Samsung 250GB SATA drive that the OS doesn't even see, I got an USB HDD in which I got it installed.

Nvidia 9300M GS (there's no driver for this card yet afaik)


Oh, btw, how do I choose which driver to load, or kernel to boot?



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