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Problems updating


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Hey everybody



sorry that my english is not so good..


But i just like to ask one thing to you...


I was using OSx in my pc, working great.. A friend made all the install processe..

Few days ago, i asked to him about the update, and he said me to make, that in insanelymac says that don't have problem to do(after i read that was not so simple)

After i did the update, the system still cant load and still looping in a restart...


and i cant talk with my friend because he is travelling.. And i cant stay withou my pc...


So, i like to ask if its possible repair my system.. or i will need to reinstall everything again?(I dont have any idea where to start, if this be the choice)


If you can help me, i will be very gratefull to you...



waiting for a reply




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