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Does my system can install using GUID


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My system is

MB : ASUS p5e

Video card : xfx 8800 GT xxx

all audio and lan use on board.

HDD: 500 Gb

- 50 Gb : xp

- 250 Gb : OSx

- 200 Gb : back up using NTFS


320 Gb for back up

320 Gb for back up


My story start from here

Now I can install Mac using Kalyway 10.5.2 and Xp with dual boot. I would like to use vmware fusion because sometime I need to use xp for programming microcontroller (MPLAB).

I believe that if I use retail DVD using GUID partition I can use vmware. Plz correct me!!!!!


From what I understand I need to recreate my partition, I have to put each os in different hdd which makes easy to install. As a result I will put each os on my 2 320Gb hdd.

For OSX i will divide into 2 partition : 160 Gb and 160 Gb and for xp I will put them in one partition. What I have to do next? I know I have to look for topic which talk about boot-132.


Since I have one problem about my dvd-rw, I use IDE which has problem on Jmicon. Do I have to change my DVD to sata-DVD to install retail DVD.

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