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LoginScreen crash with 9800GT


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Hi all,


I have downloaded Kalyway 10.5.2 and have


Intel Quad 2.4GHz

BFG GeForce 9800GT with 512MB (PCI Express)

4GB memory

320GT hard drive (SATA)


2 LCD screens connecting to 9800GT


Before when I had 9600GT instead, the whole install would succeed just fine and at least I would get a screen of 1024x768 on ONE of the screens but when I upgraded (for greater resolution and dual screen support) to 9800GT the installation would succeed but it always crashes at loading LoginScreen. It goes into that blue screen as if it tries to load the login screen but then fails. When I loaded the kernel with -v option, it told me that it was trying to load the LoginScreen and *something* crashes so it had to dump crash report.


Anyhow, can someone please help to get me going with full resolution 9800GT with dual screen?


I was also hoping to find 10.5.4 (or 10.5.5) with JMicron patch but I cannot find any (in hopes that it will fix the loginscreen crash). Can anyone give me a hint on that as well?


Thanks a bunch folks....

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