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Partition Corruption with NTFS-3G

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My NTFS partitions have been causing me problems whereas data would occasionally disappear and leave a zero-kb size file that is not deletable.


I believe the problem was created when I relabeled my NTFS partitions, and recreating the partitions and relabeling them under my Ubuntu installation seems to remedy the problem so far.


Whenever possible I have taken to creating, formatting, relabeling and testing partitions under Linux (where possible), and so far, so good.


I will continue to repeat the activities where I encountered this problem and update this thread with my results.


I don't know if this is a problem with NTFS-3G or OS X, but if you are having similar problems, I would suggest rebooting into linux or a Live CD and testing the partitions with linux's partition tools.


I have only encountered this problem with non-HFS partitions (several NTFS partitions and some Fat32 USB keys).

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