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I'm really having trouble getting good speeds through any connection. My motherboard has two Marvell connections. One is 88E8053 and the other is 88E8111. Also I have a wireless pci-e card: DLink DWA-556. I have a 20/20mbit connection.


Now I have two seperate installs, Leo4all v4.1 upgraded to 10.5.5, and a pretty fresh install of Zephryoths 10.5.2.


Leo4all only recognizes one of the ethernet plugs and will get 1-2mb/s on speedtest.net. The wifi can sometimes get 3-5.


Zephyroths 10.5.2 recognizes both ethernet plugs, and the one that leo4all doesnt recognize gets the full 20 down but only 1-3 up. The other ethernet and wifi is around the same speeds if not a bit faster.


I have tried copying the ionetworkingfamily.kext and fix permissions but that doesn't help find the other ethernet connection or speeds.


So does anyone know how I can fix the speeds? I have tried searching for help on here but haven't come across anything that works.

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