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Compaq C500 / PCIe / Software WIFI Switch / BCM 4311


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Ok... This has been going on forever and it just sucks (all of you who own a c500 know what I'm talking about... the frustration with this ONE thing not working!).


First of all... I'm assuming there is not resolution because if there was, someone on the internet would be bound to explode forums everywhere with the How-to...


A Couple questions... Has anyone tried to bring pin 20 to 3.3v? The man from this thread had a different situation and thus bringing pin 20 to high was not a solution... I'm wondering if it is for us?


What else can we do to get this to work??? WE ARE SO CLOSE to having an amazingly cheap laptop that runs os x86 nearly perfectly and quick as heck for that matter...


What alternatives are people trying? USB WIFI sticking out the side?

The next best I can think of is to wire a usb wifi adapter to the usb slot Internally so that the laptop is completely intact. There is room for a usb stick if you take out the 4311.


Lets Just figure this out. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP US!

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