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Status of screen rotation (portrait) with Nvidia graphics cards


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I am sorry if this has been discussed, but I have just spent an hour reading the forums, learning about Nvinject vs newer direct EFI methods, NVCAP strings, etc.

But I can't seem to find testimonials from Nvidia users who have screen rotation going with their cards.

I would like to purchase a video card that supports two dvi monitors and I would like to run both in portrait. With the current status of Nvidia drivers, am I safe to get something like an 8800 GS (or any other card, if someone has had good success) that will give me screen rotation without too much of a struggle?


Your help is appreciated.

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After digging around a lot more, I have uncovered some "testimonials" of sorts which seem to indicate that people with Nvidia cards are indeed getting rotation going. It seemed like the issue of Nvidia cards not supporting rotation is an older issue. I am collecting the links I found here, in case someone else is searching for this answer.


Mention on this page of XFX NVIDIA GeForce 7900GS XT 256MB DDR3 PCIe working with QE/CI/Rotation/Resolution:



Sounds like someone in this thread has rotation going with a 6800 board:



Someone here posts a NVCAP string for a 6200 and is able to get dual screen working with QE/CI and rotation:



And there is some mention on the 10.5.2 HCL of EVGA 8800GT 512 MB using NVInstaller v4.1 working with QE/CI/Rotation:

Listed under EX38-DS4 board



Here in this forum, someone with a PNY 6200 AGP card who has rotation working



And again in this form, someone saying that an Asus GeForce 7300GT fanless working perfectly with QE/CI/rotation



With all this evidence that rotation really works, I ordered a cheapo Asus EN8800GS card.. we'll see how it goes.

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I have 2 LCDs, and one of them works rotated just fine.


I think we may be experiencing the same problem. I received my 8800GS today in the mail and set it all up.

My current setup is Kalyway 10.5.3 with the stock drivers and an EFI string created with EFIStudio (i.e. no Nvinject).


System Profiler shows the two Displays (both say they support Rotation), and also shows that GeForce.kext is loaded (version 1.5.28).


I have two Dell 20" LCDs connected to my card (both through DVI). By default, both work at their native resolution, 1600x1200 (no rotation).

I am able to rotate the primary display. So I can have one portrait screen and one landscape screen, both at 1600x1200.

As soon as I try to rotate the secondary display, everything locks up and I need to reboot.


I have to boot only with the 2nd display connected, reset the resolution, then boot again with both displays.


Does anyone know why rotation only works for 1 out of 2 displays? I also tried with Nvinject, but I get the same issue. I also tried with a DVI-VGA adapter to go to one monitor's VGA port (i.e. one DVI connection, one VGA connection) -- same problem.

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Sorry, my earlier reply was unclear. I meant that I only run one of my LCDs (Dell) rotated, but I can run both my displays rotated if I wanted to (just tried, didn't lock up)...


Thanks for checking. I'm happy it works for you.

Oh well, perhaps someone else will see this and have some insight.

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