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g4 733 overclockerd to 867


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hi there


last week i bought my first g4 powermac and i must admit that yes it is slow but overall the system is responsive and functional. That slow bit got me looking for upgrades and the prices of cpus is astranomical for something that is this old so i overclocked the processor. The cache is only 256k so I thought of the old celeron p2 days where the more cache the more heat, and the 733 only has 256k so whilst at my wii modders place i took the cpu to him and literally swapped the capaciter from r3 to r1, i have ran geekbench but that doesnt show much of an improvement but xbench is 30 up from 25 woot.


i am at the moment installing leopard and just downoading all the updates, also just placed a bid on the ebay for a 9700 gpu to power the core image stuff a bit better than my geforce 3.


Over the past week i have install (free) 512 meg ram, (free)60 gig drive 7200 rpm , and put a dvd dl drive in (£12), and usb 2 card (£6), at the moment the system stands me at 98 quid.


have tried looking for cpu heat software but they all fail to see cpu, would like any software that can cool cpu.


Downside is that the system is alot louder but i have colection of fans around that will be swapped around over the next day or so.

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