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A while back I tried installing OSX and ended up having to borrow a friend's SATA DVD drive ('cus of a com.apple.Boot.plist error)... then it wouldn't boot without the DVD in that particular drive (and it's not like I can keep his DVD drive), I also had problems dual-booting.


It's now a few months down the line, and I really wanna try installing OSX again, since I can't use Logic Studio Express files that I'm working on in college at home.


But the main problem is that I can't exactly deprive him of a DVD drive. Apparently there's a patch that can be applied to the ISO of OSX to make it work with a JMicron IDE controller. Is there a patch for the latest version of OS X?


Also, my computer has an ATi HD4850 Graphics Card. Last time I tried OS X, I had an X800XL, which wasn't supported. How is the support for this card? Will I be able to take advantage of full graphic accelaration?


Finally, if you're going to link me to a guide... PLEASE link me to something that is up-to-date, and straight-forward... It's also important that I can get back into Windows...

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