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My compatibility for mac

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Hi All,


I have read up a little on installing mac on a pc and I tried last week to do it but I ended up with a "HFS+ PARTITION ERROR" and then I removed it and had to reinstall windows on my laptop.


I have added a few JPEG images of my system spec and just wanted to know if my system is going to work with any patched mac software.


My computer is an Advent ERT2250 laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium.


What is the correct software for me to use?








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it was my guide to old 10.4.8 long long a go. maby its of use it could be that your ide/sata controller is not correctly reconnised. is there a option in the bios to set it to ich mode?


Hi, thanks for your reply. There was no ich option in bios settings. I will try again, what settings should I set the partition with?

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