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ASUS G2P alc882


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HELLO guys :hysterical:

I have a Asus G2P in dual Boot with Windows Vista And Kalyway Leopard 10.5.2

After a lot of work to get my ATI X1700 to fuly performance.... its cool i can game now :thumbsdown_anim:

Thanks to rigtheye and eternal its your files you made it possible.


Its time four audio. :(

I get the audio to work internal speakers and headphone with applehdapatcher1.20 and a audio dump from linux

But my laptop has 4 internal speakers 2 litles on top i think its called tweeter and

I have More 2 biger speakers in the botom they are midranges and this 2 i cant get them to work

so I have partial sond but its like playing music with the horn off a car only the tweeters are working :blink:


Can anyone with a similar laptop please help me i really love my new OS and with the grafics working

its just this audio thing fixed four me to fully enjoy this baby :hysterical:

Thank you guys i really apreciated a litle help

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