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Who is using Biostar G31-M7G dvi ?


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First of all, Sorry for my poor English.


I have a Biostar G31-M7G dvi.


With USB EHCI option on, I cant enter setup screen of kalyway 10.5.2 and iDeneb 1.1 10.5.4.


Then I disalbed USB ECHI.


After install, my system kept stopping at Usging 10486......


With installing of option JAS 10.4.8 ACPI Fix, my system goes on rebooting.


I searched, and with -v cpus=1, I am able to access next step.



My system;


Biostar G31-M7g dvi

DDR2 6400 1G x 2

WD 7500aaks

Samsung ODD sata


bios option

C1E disable

EIST disable



IDE-compatible-Sata only


Here is my qusetion.

1. How can I use 4 cores? - Do I need bios mod? Then Where to get ?

2. Biostar G31-M7G dvi 's x3100 cant be installed. - Where to get compatible driver (Device ID is 0x29c2) ?

3. My PS2 keyboard is not identified. Do I need PS2 Fix?


Plz, help me.

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