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Help with drivers !

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Hey guys. I'm not very good at deciphering drivers, and I don't want to jump straight to any installations before I confirm that it makes sense


If anyone can confirm this it would be much appreciated!


I'm using iAktos (don't know what version - I think the first i1.0?)


Mobo: M2N-E


The exact specifications from the mobo manual for the drivers I need:


LAN: NVIDIA nForce 500 SLI MCP built-in Gigabit MAC with external Attansic PHY. Supports TCP/IP acceleration.

Audio: C-Media Superior QUality Audio 7.1 channel audio CODEC (Vista ready) Supports S/PDIF Out Interface.


I'm looking at the drivers here to find out which makes most sense: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/3rdPartyDrivers


"C-Media 8738" is the closest one to mine but not exactly so I'm not sure I want to try it... I guess I have no other choice though right?

"nForce3/4 LAN" is the closest I suppose for my LAN, or is it the Attansic one?


Should I try these? Are they safe? Any suggestions? Are there any better ones?


Any help at all is appreciated!! I'm really new to this :blink:



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Update: I installed an old and dusty PCI-Lan card and it works but there's still the problem with my sound...


Anybody know of any drivers for CM6501 ?


And still the other question: why does sound work in the welcome screen but not in the actual O/S?


I'll keep you updated on anything else..

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