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Tyan 2629, 8 core, 8 gb, 0 raid, quadro 1gb instalation


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ok, here i go.


I have a:


Tyan Tempest 2629, i5000xt

8 Core Xeon, e5335 2.00GHs (2 quad-core)

8 Gb, FB-DIM 667 (4x 2Gb each)

1 HD Raptor WD 150 Gb, 10 000 rpm

3 HD of 500 Gb, 7200 rpm

1 HD 250, 7200 rpm

0 Raid controll

Quadro Fx 4500 x2 (512), 1 Gb total



My cuestions are the next:


How do i get the 0 raid working? is it possible?

Do i Need to chose any particular kernel?

Is there any drivers for the quadro fx 4500 x2 of 1 Gb?

How do i double boot to get vista 64 and Mac working together?


I had reed a lot but its not working for me, when i install the Kalyway 10.5.2, it finish instalation, and run the welcome screen and so on, but when i finish entering my details and is ready to run, either get stuk in the blue screen, or goes into the desktop whit a disc error, and gives me options to eject or ignore, but dont alow me to do anything at all.







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