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USB Ethernet Dongle for Inspiron 1525?


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Running Leopard on the Inspiron 1525, and as you guys know, built in ethernet doesn't work- no drivers. So I went and ordered a really cheap, made in China USB to ethernet adapter from ebay, with the hopes of getting it to work on Leopard. The thing is made for windows, but I read here that some USB to Ethernet adapters will work with some driver modification.


The adapter I'm trying to get to work is really cheap, like $6-7 (way less than the MacBook Air adapter). You can find it here, there are several listings for it if you just google USB to Ethernet:




Unfortunately, the drivers from the first link didn't work. If anyone has tried using this thing and been successful, or if you just want to help research a super inexpensive alternative for wired ethernet for those of us using a Yukon 88e8040 adapter, help would be much appreciated.

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