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Problem - Booting MacOS under PC and Linux


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Hi all!!!


Well, some days ago i've tried to install the MacOS in my computer. I have the image tiger-x86-flat.img and i've restaured it for the Disk with :


dd if=tiger-x86-flat.img of=/dev/hda2 bs=16k


Consulting the partitions:


cfdisk /dev/hda




hda2 Boot Primary Unknown (AF)


So i have to configure the grub.conf and i tried with this options:


title MacOSX

rootnoverify (hd0,1)


chainloader +1


I'm restarted the computer and changed the option for mac and hited <<enter>> but nothing happened :)


The grub dont shows any error message; I realized that the computer trying to work in something for a few seconds but stopped...


Anyone knows a possible diretive to solve this issue???


Thx for all,



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