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A while ago I tryed to defragment my imac's HD with Tech Tool Pro 4. But that program crashed in the middle of defragmentation proces. So my system never booted up. I tryed repair disk several times but it didn't help. Finaly I gave up and did a archive and install. System then booted up and worked but slower. So I defragmented my HD with iDefrag. The system was then much faster but still not as fast as it should be. After the arcghive and install programs like Photoshop, Office 2008... didn't work. So I removed them with AppCleaner. Then I wanted to reinstall them. I reinstalled office and it crashed on startup. I tryed updating it and all. I even reintalled it again two times. But it always crashed (tryed with word,excel...). So I tryed to reinstall adobe programs. It found that I had some programs already installed and wanted to repair not reinstall them. But It didn't work - I just got eror that the programs cannot be reinstalled.


That is one problem but there is another. System is sometimes slow as hell. Most of the time it eats 99% of RAM - even if I have all my programs closed (I have 1GB but it worked like it should before so I can't blame too little RAM). And then we get to disk activity I can hear the HD the whole time - and Activity monitor just shows spikes. So what is wrong with my system?

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