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Installing Mac OS X on PC!


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Hello Everyone. :D


I got a laptop a few days ago. I currently run Windows Vista Ultimate. I am some what satisfied but I also want to try Mac on it. I have used it at school and its pretty cool. First of, i might be a newbie. Don't really know difference between Mac OS tiger/leopard! I'll list my computer specs under and if you could please help me choose the right OS X, Kaleyway AMD on PC or else.I'll have to multi-boot too. while Vista is on the same Hard Drive. If any questions please feel free to ask.

-Any Help will be greatly appreciated! Thank-You! :D


Sys:Toshiba Satellite A300D

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate(64bit/x64) 6.0

Processor: AMD Turion x2 64

Memory: 3GB

Video: ATI Radeon Mobility 3650 |HD| 2GB

***For most cards Audio/Video/Network drivers i ahve found them on this site!

more info:http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=127417

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dude i know somthing that would be perfect for you if you want to dual boot and its leopard (not tiger)


its iATKOS v2.0i which is like kaleyway but quicker to boot and better for a newbie get it from the bay of piartes



PM me if you need any help ;)



here is a guide on how to do it (made by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


hope it helps

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