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Need Help With Tiger-x86 File And Installation


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alright well i followed this guide here:


This method is pretty much as the previous one, but using a gui windows tool - WinHex - instead of console dd. Gui makes things a little bit more intuitive, plus it is harder to destroy the wrong disk


Download & untar tiger-x86-flat.img as in method 2

Install WinHex from http://www.x-ways.net/winhex/index-m.html — you need the Full Version to do this!!! it can be found in the usual places.

Go into Tools->Disk tools->Clone disk

Select .img file as your source

Select the destination disk

Hit OK

The new disk must NOT have any partition table on it! Winhex will not delete any partitions! Make sure your destination disk is completely blank. I learned the hard way. Worked perfectly after using WinXP disk management utility to delete *all* partitions on the disk, including the primary NTFS. That is what is likely giving some of you guys trouble with method 2a.



and it all seemed to work good...i deleted all the partitions on the drive ran it through WInHEX with the .img file and it wrote succesfully and everything i went good. i then went in through disk management and checked it out...it shows 6 out of 40gb is a good and healthy(the only part used) and yet when i go into my bios and chage boot priority to the HD with the osx86 on it then reboot all i get is a black screen with a little white blinking cursor in the top left corner...anyone else have this?? did i do something wrong??


i would really like to get this going and i fell like i am so close yet so far away to!


any insight would be greatly appreciated!!




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