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I'm considering building an x86 box and doing an OSX install.


I produce music in Ableton Live with a TC Electronic Konnekt Live fw interface. I'm curious for some feedback from all of you in here on how stable your setups are for music production. I love my MacBook but I really need a powerful desktop to accomplish some future production work and not quite ready to bite into a Mac Pro.


Mostly want to know how well DAW environments (Live, etc), VSTs/AUs, and USB and FW interfaces and instruments work and perform on x86 boxes. I wouldn't be bothering with a dual OS - simply OSX - is it possible to do a DVD type of install without hacking the {censored} out of the MBR and end up with a high-performance DAW system?


Would love any tips and info on how you succesfully got it all to talk and play friends.

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