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BSOD (I thought these didn't happen)


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That pretty much explains it. I installed using an iATKOS 10.5.1 dvd, with the ToH(?) kernel. installation went fine, although a bit faster than I expected (about 20 minutes), and then rebooted my computer.I filled out the first time boot forms, even the sound was working on that. Then, blue screen and a mouse pointer. I figured it was just first boot being quirky. So, i hard reset. Boot back up, boots fine, login prompt. I login, same thing. Have tried with -x and -s, although not both at the same time. same problem. Is it possibly the power management kext? Because it does eventually go into sleep mode. After restarting from sleep mode, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, all receive no signal.


Any advice would be great!



EDIT: Forgot to mention my hardware. It's a P4 Northwood (So no SSE3) at 2.5 ghz, an nvidia FX 5500, 1.25 gigs of ram, all in an optiplex GX260 box (so i think that means an i845g chipset, an AC97 sound card, and an intel gigabit 10/100 ethernet.) also has an atheros 108mbps wireless in there, and a conexant 56kbps modem.

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