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Create bootable OSX installation on external drive from Linux or Windows


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I have a friend whose Macbook is stuck at the loading screen, and apparently has been for quite some time now, and rather than trying to save any data he'd like to format and reinstall the OS. The only problem is that after so many moves he can't find the install cd/dvd and even if he did we couldn't use it because his cd drive no longer works. So I've downloaded an image of the install dvd in .iso format (I don't want to hear anything about the legality of this because if he has a macbook he obviously has a valid liscense) and would like to create an installable image on an external drive but don't have access to another mac to do so. Every guide I've read instructs a person to do this using disk utility in osx.


My question is...is it possible to accomplish the same thing from either Linux or Windows?...preferably Linux

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