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Newbie - Problems Installing 10.5.2


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I am trying to install Kalyway 10.5.2 on an older PC that I have. I was able to complete the installation, but it wouldn't boot after that.


I think that at least part of the problem is that no NIC is being detected. So, I disabled the onboard NIC, and installed a 3com 3c905-TX, but even after re-installing Kalyway, still no NIC.


I found this thread:




and checked, and there is no Apple3Com3C90x.kext.


So, I downloaded the kext from 10.4.3, and extracted the kext, but how can I get that file onto the machine where I have Kalyway installed?


I've tried using a USB stick, but don't know how to access the USB stick. I also have a floppy drive on this machine, but can't figure out how to access the floppy.


If anyone can help with some information on the above, please post!




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I'm hoping that I wasn't clear in my original post, and that's why no one has responded, so here's some additional information:


- The onboard NIC on my mobo was not recognized, so I added a 3com 3C905C-TX PCI card to my system.

- Even after that when I boot (sleepkernel -legacy -s) to single-user mode, I can see that it didn't recognize the 3COM NIC

- So, I was researching, and found the link about getting the Apple3Com3C90x.kext file from 10.5.43, which I've downloaded on a different machine.

- Now I have the kext on a different machine, but I can't figure out how to get the kext into the OSX file system, because, as explained, I don't have any network connectivity (because no NIC is recognized) when I boot into OSX


So, this is a bit of a conundrum: OSX doesn't recognize my NIC. I have (I think) a kext that might allow OSX to recognize the NIC, but it's on a different machine, but I can't figure how to get the kext from the other machine to my OSX filesystem.


I have both a floppy drive on the OSX machine, and I have some USB flash sticks, but, when I boot into OSX single-user, I can't see how to get access to either the floppy or to the USB flash stick. I've checked /dev, and there is a /dev/fd, but /dev/fd0, or something similar doesn't exist. There is no /media either, so I can't get to the USB stick.


The thread I linked in my original post implies that there is a way to get the kext onto the filesystem, but I can't figure out how to do that.


Can anyone help with this??




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FYI, I just got this working!!


The only problem is that I don't exactly know what I did to get a successful installation :2cents:...


For the record, here's what happened, highlighting points that I think I did differently from earlier failed attampts:


0) I had figured out a workaround for my earlier problem, where I couldn't figure out how to get the 3COM kext onto my installed OSX filesystem. What I did was add a hard drive, which was then visible, and I copied the kext to that 2nd hard drive. Then, when I did "mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /mnt", I could see the 2nd hard drive.


1) I had been trying some things to get the 3COM 3C905C-TC NIC recognized, e.g., chmod/chown the kext, and kextcache -k, but ended up trashing the installation so it would no longer boot, so I decided to do another installation.


2) So, I booted to the DVD installer, and erashed the partition (Extended, journaling)


3) After that, I was thinking about the 3COM problem, and the thing was, the 3COM kext was not showing up in the installer "Customize" thing. This was rather strange, because when I used the Network Utility in the installer, that DID see the 3COM NIC, and I could ping, etc. successfully. I was guessing that the installer runs on some kind of temporary ramdisk or something, so I thought that I'd try to copy the 3COM kext to the /System/Library/Extensions dir while I was in the installer, hoping that then the 3COM kext would appear under "Customize".


4) So, I started a terminal in the installer, cd'ed to /System/Library/Extensions, and copied the 3COM kext from the 2nd hard drive (something like "cp -r /Volumes/2nd/IONetworking..../Apple3Com....kext ./"), but I got a bunch of errors, probably because the ramdisk or whatever the installer sets up was read-only.


5) I figured that failed, but I went ahead and did the install anyway, using "Customize". The 3COM still didn't appear in "Customize", but I went through that and started the install, then I walked away for awhile.


6) When I came back to the machine, I was AMAZED to see the Apple registration window!!


7) I went and did Alt-Q to skip the registration, and then I got the desktop!!



Like I said above, I really don't know what of the things I did this time made it work, but it is working now. I'm thinking that somehow that "cp -r" that failed did it, or maybe it was just letting it boot through automatically (I was trying "sleepkernel -legacy" earlier.


If I have some time later, I may try to blow the whole installation away and try to re-create what I did, but right now, I'm just glad that it's working so that I can move on with other things :(!!


Hopefully these notes might help someone else here.


Here's my hardware config:



CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3000+

HD: Two IDE Drives (Seagate and Samsung)

Video: ASUS EAX1600PRO SILENT/TD/256M Radeon X1600PRO 256MB (PCI Express)





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