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VMWare Leo 10.5.2 using LSILogic Virtual SCSI

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I am able to run Tiger using a virtual SCSI device, but not leopard. Near as I can tell, the SCSI devices aren't allowed to be mounted until after the OS is started in Init-1 (multi-user) presumably because OS-X sees them as external devices - and even after it's in multi-user mode, it appears the default mounting scheme for anything on the SCSI bus is nosuid nosgid, which plays havoc with logs at boot. I can see that all the kexts for the SCSI devices are loading ok in single user mode, but I'm guessing there's a switch somewhere that's flagging external SCSI devices as write-locked.


Long story short - does anyone here know where Leo gets these default settings from? Is there a config setting I can change somewhere that will trick Leo into thinking a device is mounted internally, or a setting I can change to allow external SCSI devices to be mounted read/write? Maybe add a static fstab entry for the boot volume? If we can get the LSILogic devices to mount at boot time, leo might actually be usable in VM.

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