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UI Crashes on 10.5.2


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I have OS x86 10.5.2 Kalyway installed on my Gigabyte M59SLI-S3 motherboard, with an AMDX2 4800+. The GUI will crash, it seems on Cocoa applications. I have EyeTV installed, and I can watch TV to my hearts content, but as soon as I open up Miro, or Safari (safari lasts longer, though)


It's weird, if i've been watching TV for awhile, and then open Miro, it crashes every time. But if Miro opens on boot, it'll sometimes work... I'm not really sure how to describe it better than that...


Really just wondering if others are having this instability problem, and if there's a magic fix for it. Maybe i'll find a guide for updating to 10.5.5 and see what happens.



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