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Just wanted to say thanks to all the guys here and their hard work


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I resisted the temptation to beg for help, and stuck to searching my problems out and reading stickies. After a couple days, just fiddiling with the install in my spare time, I have a fully functional install of Leo and Vista running dual boot.


I have a few issues to iron out, like my wireless dropping connection, but other than that, its running perfectly. Just wanted to say thanks to the guys here who do all the work, and support the community for free.


Leo is a cool OS, my first time using OSX really. Its very user friendly, and very flashy. Not sure ill make it my primary, but its an interesting alternative. I especially like the google integration into the desktop with google notifier.


Again, many thanks sirs.


My specs!


EVGA 680I sli

Geforce 8800 GTS 640mb

WG311t wireless card (this was a pain in the ass!)

Auzen Tech x-plosion 7.1 sound card (cant get this to work, so im using onboard audio)

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