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Upgrade to Tiger or unsupported Leopard?


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I've lurked here for a long time, but I finally need to ask a question, because I keep going back and forth about this.


I own 17" 800 Mhz PPC G4 iMac with 768 RAM. I'm still running OS X 10.2.8.

Yeah, I know, but the plan had been to simply wait for Leopard and skip a couple of iterations of OS. And while I feel pretty confident that Leopard can now be installed on my unsupported machine and be usable (sleep issues kept me at bay because it's what I've loved about the machine ever since I got six years ago), should I?


I'm a casual user--okay, I've dug deeper and done some hardware and software hacks on both Mac and PC, but I'd rather just be a plug & play computer user. For my iMac, I'm using it mostly for internet, personal email, iTunes, and iPhoto (I've got about 5000 photos on the computer). I also have young kids who play online games at PBSKids.org (mostly Flash stuff). Am I better off going to Tiger 10.4.11 and iLife '06, knowing that it's the maxed out OS that has tech support and not having to deal with compatibility issues for other software and hardware? (My Superdrive might be on it's last legs, though I'm hoping wipe and install of new OS will fix that.) Or should I take the Leopard plunge?


Because of the PowerPC chip issue, I just can't decide.


What do you kids think? What are the pros and con?


Thanks so much.


If you want to see full specs, here's my machine (as I said before, it has 768 MB RAM):


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