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Installation hangs :( :(


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I tried installing Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd. I followed instructions from this tutorial. Everything went upto main installation process. And when the time remaining was "About a minute" the system hanged :D . Everything got freezed including mouse. I had to restart PC there was no other option. ANd the same thing happened 2nd time when there was time remaining "About 2 minutes". THen I disconnected all devices (USB printer, USB card reader and removed Creative SB live sound card). Again the main installation process stuck when "About 19 minutes remaining" :D ...


Is this because I followed tutorial for 10.5.1 to install 10.5.2 ?


Or is there any other reason ?


I've Intel 945 mobo, 40gb Ide and 520gb sata hdds. Installing Leo on Ide 40gb. Onboard LAN is disabled.


Please help me. What should I do??????????


Thanks in advance.


Waiting for reply........ :P

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