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Problems WIth G15, Resolution, X800, n430,...


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Hello :) ... I menage to install OX 10.5.2 Kallway on HD ... But there's litle glitches ...




I can only run at 1024*176*32 resolution, but i have 20'' Monitor with resolution of 1650*1050 connected to PCI-e X800. How can i switch to that? Theres problem with my MBO Chipset, nForce 430. OS X didn't show any sign of my network connection. I have cable thru ethernet ... Also, theres problem with G15. I'm from croatia, and i use Croatian Layout ... If it's not possible to switch from US to Croatinan, thats ok,... I can live with that :) ...





MBO: ABIT NF-M2 nView 

CPU: Athlon X2 3600+ 

RAM: Kingmax DDR2 2GB 800MHz

GPU: Radeon X800

LCD: Samsung 205BW

HDD#0: Hitachi 80GB //sata2// (just for OSX)

DVD RAM: NEC ND 4550 //pata//

DVD ROM: Teac DV-516E //pata//

Sound: Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Digital







Please help me this time  :rolleyes:




thanks in advice  :angel:





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