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Resolution Problems With 9600 GT


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Hello. After weeks I have finally managed to install Leopard on my PC.


I recieved a 9600 GT as my new graphics card when my power supply shorted out, frying my 8600 GTS and, of course this doesn't work with leopard because there are no drivers for it.


The problem I am facing is with the fact that when I change my boot.plist to feature this:


<key>Graphics Mode</key>



(I think that's what I entered, can't quite remember but I know it was right)


When I reboot it changes my resolution to 1280x1024, which makes my desktop appear way too stretched. I have heard that other people have managed to use my resolution without any problems so what's going on with mine?


I have also tried using various applications like DisplayConfigX and SwitchResX but these don't help.


Thanks, SpewBoy

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