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iDeneb v.1 10.5.4 on GA-965P-S3 Problems


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OK, I downloaded the iDeneb v. 1 10.5.4 DVD and burned it to a DVD(SL @ 4x) and installed it no problem.


As it comes back up from post and loads my newly installed OS it loads without a hitch. When it comes up to the Welcome Screen and the music starts playing I hear the music, but the screen is all scrambled looking. I cannot see a single thing except for the weird patterns of colors on the screen. I figured what the hell, might as well at least go through Safe Mode(-x) and see if it will run that way. It did, so I finished the install and installed my proper graphics card driver(Sapphire HD3650 512MB, Dev. ID 9598) and restarted. Came back up in normal mode just like before, just a scrambled screen of colors.


I have tried to change the resolution at Darwin prompt with no results.


Here is my info to let you know the specifics:


Comp. Stats in Signature...


iDeneb v. 1 10.5.4 DVD

Western Digital Raptor 36.7GB 10,000RPM(Single Partition, MBR Scheme)

X11- Selected

skge marvell- Selected

ALC883- Selected

9.4.0 Modbin Kernel- Selected

Remove Firewire- Selected

SMbios 800- Selected

Extra Apps- Selected


OK, now those are the options I selected in install... I have selected others like the ICHX././. fix and everything else with the same results. It boots up fine in Safe Mode(-x) and with access to the net... No Audio, etc... of course while in Safe Mode.


Another thing is that in "About This Mac" all the hardware entries are correct except my GPU... It has the correct device ID(9598) but show me as only having 256MB ram....


Now keep in mind that Leo4All 10.5.2 w/ Kalyway 10.5.3 update works flawlessly and I have been running it for a while. I run my games on it also...


Also keep in mind that this happens also when using iDeneb v. 1.1 10.5.4


If any of you guys come up with a solution please let me know.... I'm stuck in Safe Mode for now :angry2:

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