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Mic, Sata DVD-RW problems?


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Hello all,


Thanks in advance for any help you may lend to these issues. I have the system in my signature and really love it! However, I do have three issues I would like guidance on:


1. Mic does not work.


FIXED: 2. I have a Pioneer DVD-RW 216D Sata drive. I have it hooked up on the main motherboard sata ports and it mounts dvds, etc. However, when I try to eject it will not eject. Instead I lose what was on the desktop, but tray will not open. Only way to open it is to restart. FIXED: Pulled it off the Sata ports and used an external case.


3. I have two Silicon Image 3114 Sata controllers I cannot seem to get Leopard to recognize. They are shown during the boot screens, but never mount to Leopard's desktop. Any ideas?


Thanks again for all your info.

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