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Leopard Wallpaper In Your Flavor

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Don't get me wrong — I love Leopard, but after looking at the same "space," I can only take so much. By popular demand and to give those people stuck on the "Blue Leopard" Server wallpaper, here is my version of the Leopard Wallpaper In Your Flavor in 8 different colors for your 1280×800 viewing pleasure. For anyone wanting a larger version of my wallpaper, go buy a smaller screen or make your own.


Feel free to post a screenshot of your new wallpaper in action! Got Photoshop? Make your own wallpaper with my source file. And to confirm rumors, yes -- I'm using the default colors (Leopard_Default.jpg). Download today and be just like me!


post-124650-1221753506_thumb.jpg post-124650-1221753523_thumb.jpg post-124650-1221753538_thumb.jpg


post-124650-1221753560_thumb.jpg post-124650-1221753576_thumb.jpg post-124650-1221753592_thumb.jpg


post-124650-1221753609_thumb.jpg post-124650-1221753632_thumb.jpg


Looking for the source? Get all the wallpaper images and the PSD source below:


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