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Hp D530 SSE2 Northwood=heap?


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Hi there,


Im not a noob when it comes to macs..I currently own many..including a mac mini, two g5's, and a g4. I also have a old (crappy) HP Compaq d530 that I recently thought about hacking into a osx running system..


Spec is as follows sse2 processor northwood 2.8.....700& something ram....intel chipset, with intel onboard video.

Ok so heres the prob...


Downloaded kalyway 10.5.2 install dvd...burn't and tried install..I get the reboot issue..never makes it to the installer.

Im no idiot i havent selected vanilla kernal!! or anything..I know that to get a 100% install you need efi and a core2duo basically as close to proper mac hardware you can get..

I've tried messing with the bios, but no luck. I've also tried all the -v, kernal options. I just wanna mess around with this old pc until i take the jump and build a q6600 based system..


So can help..?


a) Is kalyway 10.5.2 dvd naff with sse2 based systems..should i try a different disc like possible Jas? any recommendations from sse2 users?

:D Is Leopard a no no on this old heap of a pc and maybe i should install jas 10.4.8 install as im kinda guessing this might be much better for a sse2 based system..


Any help would be great!, if you have anything close to a hp d530 running leopard let me know how you got it to work!




intel 865g chipset with intergrated intel extreme graphics! does that help?

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