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Links to 90% of all drivers are here RTFM

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ALL NEW PEOPLE RTFM befor you ask questions that have bin explained a 1000 times


[How To] Solutions for Wireless Problems, A Compilation



[How To] Solutions for Audio Problems, A Compilation



[How To] Solutions for Video Problems, A Compilation



[How To] Solutions for Ethernet Problems, A Compilation



[How To] Solutions for Keyboards, Trackpads & Mice,

A Compilation http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=35972


If you can only install with 1 core or only 1 core is seen try reading the hack bios topic above


IF your problem is not here. Then USE WWW.GOOGLE.COM

insanely mac has bin around for years 99.99 % of all problems have bin asked befor.

so go to google type in :insanelymac (query) usaly if you have touble with some dev type it in there Like:

insanelymac asus p5w. usaly you get a list of best topics and usaly first few links your anser is there.


good luck to you

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