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How do i do a vanilla install with boot132 in HD?


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Hi there,


I have a gigabyte p965 ds4 with a q6600 and 3gig.

I have sucessefuly installed prety much any osx86 hacked distro, the only problem i get is sleep/restart/shutdown.


Now i´ve been playing with boot132, but i can´t seem to make a vanilla install with boot132 siting on a hd partion.

Here is the deal, with GPT i can´t make boot132 partion to boot at all, tried all kind of things, it just wont boot at all.

With MBR, i can make a bootable partition with boot132 (using the syslinux.exe -ma -f comand in windows) but the restail dvd (booted with the generic.iso) wont install, it asks for a GPT formated drive..


Please tell how can i boot a boot132 partition in the same hd as the vanilla install!! ;)

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