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Folder as input to Image slides in Keynote


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First, I must say I'm an AppleScript noob. However, I managed to find a script that is pretty close to what I want to do. The script I found takes the current iPhoto album and turns it into a Keynote presentation. The only change I need to make to it is to feed it with a location of the files, rather than an iPhoto album.


The script looks like this:



tell application "iPhoto"

set curAlbum to a reference to current album

if (count photos of curAlbum) is 0 then return


set photoList to image path of photos of curAlbum

set photoListRef to a reference to photoList

end tell



tell application "Keynote"


set thisTheme to "White"

set thisTheme to thisTheme as Unicode text

set themeData to {theme:thisTheme, slideSize:{1920, 1080}}

set thisSlideshow to make new slideshow at end of slideshows with data themeData


tell thisSlideshow

-- make image slides

make image slides paths photoListRef with set titles

delete first slide of thisSlideshow

set slideCount to count slides

end tell


start from slide 1 of front slideshow

end tell


Can anyone help me modify that to work with a static path (ie. /Users/foo/tmp/images).?

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