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Can't make a bootable backup


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I've got an Inspiron 530 running leo4allv3 and everything works beautifully (except shutting down). My disk is partitioned as follows:




0: GUID_partition_scheme *232.8 Gi disk0

1: EFI 200.0 Mi disk0s1

2: Apple_HFS Sandbox 182.3 Gi disk0s2

3: Apple_HFS Spare 50.1 Gi disk0s3


Since my Sandbox install is now working I'd like to copy this installation to my main drive on a partition named Inspiron. That drive is partitioned as follows:




0: GUID_partition_scheme *465.8 Gi disk1

1: EFI 200.0 Mi disk1s1

2: Apple_HFS Inspiron 232.9 Gi disk1s2

3: Apple_HFS Toolbox 232.4 Gi disk1s3


Trouble is, this drive won't boot. I've copied the OS using SuperDuper, CarbonCopy and even the Apple Disk Utility copy/restore method (via the Leo4All CD). I know the OS works since if I use the EFI on the Leo4All CD I can boot off the drive so it's obviously the EFI (which was installed using OSX86Tools.app).


Anyone have any ideas? Could it be my partition scheme? If not is there any sensible guide for installing PC_EFI manually?

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Hey, I hope it's not too late to help you. I was struggling with this badly durring my conquest to clone osx86 to my laptop. You need to google something called "Acronis True Image"


This is a windows based program and works great if you are using Grub as a bootloader. It copies Darwin and all that good stuff. You can clone the entire disk or just a single partition. In my case I just use partition cloning, but if you're not dual+ booting then it'll be even easier to clone.


Any case in the event you are partitioning and multi booting just use chainload in grub. You basically copy the loader for windows xp and rename it then point it to another sector of you hard drive.

Example: (hd0,1)


Good luck!


*EDIT: if you want to; you can install EFI manually with a very nice tool called "OSX86Tools"

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