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Intel GMA950 after pkg install


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Hey guys,


I have just about got Leo installed now, my motherboard is an intel d945gcpe. I have a core2duo, 1.86Ghz and 1gb of ram (it's my first dedicated osx install).


Anyway, I had the Kalyway 10.5.2 install, it was excellent because everything worked out of the box. I needed to update to 10.5.4 because I want to develop iphone applications. In short I installed JaS 10.5.4, it was a nightmare. I had no gfx drivers and to start it wouldn't even boot (I had to patch the install disc with chameleon).


I was hoping there was a quick way to enable the 1680x1050 resolution, osx already knows I've got a GMA950 with hardware acceleration. So what's next?


I do have the same version of kalyway 10.5.2 on another hard drive. My other option is to try and update that (but it seems like a long winded nightmare).


Let me know what my options are, after all I'm such a noob at this.

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