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10.5.5 messed up my sound EP45-DS3R


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Hey guys my system was running perfectly in 10.5.4 "Q9450 p45-ds3r"...... kalway install 10.5.2, kalway combo update 10.5.3, apple update to 10.5.4. Running EFI GRFX Strings for my 8800 GTX, used apple hdenabler.kext and applehda.kext (ALC889A taruga for sound using optical output). Like i said everything was fine until i went updated to 10.5.5. (update went smoothly using netkas method). So far everything runs fine, except my sound cuts out every 20 seconds, just for a split second. Gets pretty annoying, Just wanted to know if anyone else has the same problem? Are the sound kexts not compatable with 10.5.5. Hopefully its not a motherboard issue....

Thanks guys!!!

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